Garrett Nunley

Clintwood, Dickerson County, Virginia

Photo: Emily Rice

I am a youth and environmental activist who enlisted in the National Guard 2019 due to financial hardship and lack of support. My hobbies include farm work, reading across various mediums and hiking on local trails.

What prompted Garrett to get involved:

I’m increasingly frustrated by journalism covering the region that centers the “white working class” as an essential political constituency or focuses on President Trump’s supposed popularity in the region or centers the voices of people who speak for our region without a broad or nuanced understanding of the lived experience of Appalachian people.

What he’d like to see happen during the first 100 days of the next presidential administration:

I hope that we can somehow overcome the divisiveness that exists in our country today especially as this election promises to leave many people feeling unheard and dissatisfied no matter who wins.

Garrett’s advice for journalists who want to cover Appalachia:

Appalachia is a diverse region full of contradictions and complexities. Be wary of oversimplification.

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