Brandi Weekly

Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Photo: Justin Hayhurst

I am the director and assistant faculty for the Early Childhood Education Prek-Grade 4 Program at Westmoreland County Community College (Westmoreland). My work focuses on equipping preservice teachers to contribute to equitable education systems to better serve students who are marginalized. I am engaged in efforts to empower first-generation and marginalized students at Westmoreland. My interest areas are the sociology of education, place-based education, and anti-bias education. I am an ex-pat West Virginian and a lover of all things Appalachian.

What prompted Brandi to get involved?

Consistent representation of Appalachia in narrow, stereotypical terms across my life and having to navigate how people apply those stereotypes to me when I’m outside of the region have impacted my desire to be involved.

What she’d like to see happen during the first 100 days of the next presidential administration:

I hope as a country we are able to begin to rebuild bridges and conversations around the safety and value of folks who have been marginalized and to be able to find commonality across difference.

Brandi’s advice for journalists who want to cover Appalachia:

Look for what is here and not what you believe you are going to see.

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